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Videoming- Latest Videos Download For Andriod [updates].



Videoming:- DownloadLatest 4K videos from Youtube and other movie sites in multiple resolutions: 360p, 720p, 1080p and more.

App features an all-in-one download manager to manage your media downloads in MP3, MP4, 3GP, M4A, JPG, PNG and more.

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Supports multiple platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and even YouTube. If you are fond of downloading videos from various social media sites, this is the one for you.

Videoming Apk is the best app when it comes to the downloading of top kinds of music position along with viral videos. The old version of Videoming is one of the most trustworthy & reliable videos downloader app available in the market and a choice of millions of people and with the recent updates in this amazing Videoming app, it becomes much more fun giving untenable its users to stay entertained.

Are you looking for a place from where you can find all the latest music videos to download and that too for free? One such place for you is videoming. It includes a huge library of videos from various categories such as Bollywood, Pop, Punjabi, Funny, Devotional, etc.

Apart from songs, you can also download full HD videos on Videoming. There are various categories of music videos such as Hindi, English, and Punjabi. From big pop chartbusters to local Punjabi rap, every dose of video entertainment is available here.

The videos are of very standard quality. You can play videos on your big screen phone or your PC without any distortion. So if you are a music lover, then you must check this website once. It is highly recommended for you to use Videoming of video. Go and download this great application today and get unlimited benefits for free.

Hua Hain Aaj Pehli Baar FULL HD VIDEO

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Kamal Haasan Biography “National Award” for his first Film




Kamal Haasan Biography
Kamal Haasan Biography

Actor Kamal Haasan is rich in prodigious talent. The range of his skills is not limited to acting but apart from acting, he has also contributed to filmmaking, playback singing, song composition, pat story writing, and choreography. Kamal Haasan’s acting career started in his childhood. Apart from the Tamil film industry, he has also acted in memorable films in Hindi films. The actor, who started his career as a child artist with a film called Kalathur Kannamma, earned a “National Award” for his first film.

Due to this unprecedented success achieved in childhood, perhaps the direction of his life was determined. In the coming time, Kalam Haasan achieved numberless achievements by gaining his practice and additional training. Among them, Best Actor, Best Tamil Actor, Best Telugu Actor, Best Hindi Actor, Best Hindi Supporting Actor, Best Malayalam Actor, and Best Kannada Actor Award. Let’s know in detail the biography of this talented Versatile Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan artist.

Personal Life of Kamal Haasan

The outstanding actor Kamal Haasan was born on 7 November 1954. His birthplace “Paramkudi” is Madras State, India. Her father’s name is Srinivasan and her mother’s name is Rajyalakshmi. They have been married twice. The name of the first wife is Vani Ganapati, whom he married in the year 1978 and separated from them in the year 1988. After this Kamal Haasan’s second marriage was with Sarika. This relationship lasted from the year 1988 to the year 2004.

In the coming times, her name was associated with an actress named Gautami Tadimala. The age of this relationship lasted from the year 2004 to 2016. In today’s time, Kamal Haasan is arranging his life. Kamal Haasan has two daughters. In which one daughter is named Akshara Haasan and the other daughter is named Shruti Haasan. Both of these films are related to the world. Not many people are aware that Kamal Haasan’s real name is “Parthosarthi Srinivasan” and he comes from a Brahmin family.

Kamal Haasan does not believe in God. He has revealed this in both film life and real life. He considers himself to be involved in neither Muslim nor Hindu community. His film production company is named “Rajkamal International”. Apart from this, an application has also been launched by him named “Maryam Whistle”. This word means Center Visual.

Kamal Haasan Filmography

Kamal Haasan has never looked back after tasting success in the film Kalathur Kannamma as a child artist. Success was a kissing step. One after the other, they started getting proposals for work with a big banner. Success always brings great responsibility. That is why Kamal started working very hard on his acting since childhood. Another big turning point in his career was when he got an offer from the then famous banner Shivaji Ganesan.

Along with acting arts, education was also necessary, so for some time, he stayed away from acting. Then in the coming year for the superstar in 1972, the guest appeared in the Guest Appearance. About two years later, in the year 1974, he acted in a Malayalam film “Kanyakumari”. He earned the Regional Filmfare Award for this film. Now slowly Kamal Haasan was established in the form of a respected actor.

K. The film “Apoorva Rarangal” directed by Balachander was made on a special topic. In this film, bold topics like Age Gap Relation were highlighted. In the coming time, the pair of these two made another film in the year 1977 titled “Avargal”. The film was very successful and in this film, he won the first Best Tamil Actor Award for the Best Acting Performance. Kamal Haasan also got the opportunity to act alongside superstars Rajinikanth and Sri Devi of that decade. Now he had become a famous actor and along with film acting, he started being active in other areas as well. By the time his film “Raja Parvai” was made, he had worked in about 100 Films.

Kamal Haasan’s first Hindi film “Ek Duje Ke Liye” was a love story. The film was released in the year 1981. This film played such a magic on the audience, he became a well-known face of the Hindi film industry. In this film, she was accompanied by Rati Agnihotri in the lead role. And it was a Tragic End Love Story. In the year 1985, Rishi Kapoor, Dimple Kapadia starred in the Hindi film “Sagar”. The special thing about this film was that it was awarded the Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actor and Best Actor for this film.

After this, he had another film hit in the year 1987. The name of this comedy film was “Pushpak Viman”. Even today people like this film very much. This Silent Comedy did wonders at the box office. This film was produced by Singitam Srinivasan Rao. A movie theater in Bangalore screened this movie for 35 consecutive weeks.

Kamal Haasan Got the Award

Won the President Suvarna Medal in the year 1959 for his first film as a child artist. After this, he won the title of Best Actor in the year 1983 for the movie “Mundram Pirai”. In the coming times, both Naayagan (1987) and Indian (1996) also won the Best Actor Award for their famous films. He received the Best Kannada Actor Award for the film “Pushpak Viman” (1988). In the Tamil film named Apoorva Sahodarangal (1989), he played three characters, which was well appreciated by the people.

Released in Tevar Magan (1992), the screenplay of this Tamil film was written and produced by Kamal Haasan himself. For this film, he received the Filmfare Sarve Best Tamil Actor Award, and again (1996) the Tamil film proved to be the Indian Block Buster. Therefore, the film was also translated into several other regional languages. Kamal Haasan’s film “Hey Ram” was released in the year (2000). In which he won the Best Actor National Award and the Tamil Actor Film Fair Award. In this film, he has played a double role which was well appreciated by the people. Kamal Haasan himself wrote the screenplay of the film Dashavataram (2008) and also acted in it. He appeared in a total of ten different roles in this film.

The virtuous actor, who has won the award for his performance in the country and abroad, received the Padma Shri Award in the year 1990. After this, he also received the Padma Bhushan in the year 2014. In the year 2016, Prix Henri-Langlois French Award was given and in the same year, he also received Chevalier French Award. Apart from all these major awards, he has been awarded many prestigious honors. Currently, Kamal Haasan is also active in politics, his political party is named “Makkai Nidhi Mayyam”.

Controversy related to Kamal Haasan

Whether someone likes this capable actor as an individual or not, but his unprecedented success cannot be denied. How Sikhs should have positive access to their work in life, meets Sikh Kamal Haasan. Free from the bondage of religion, language, society and region, it is a person of praise in the human walk. Some time ago he issued a disputed statement. In which he said, the first terrorist of independent India was a Hindu. He said these words to Nathuram Godse. Who murdered Mahatma Gandhi. He was also severely criticized for this statement which tarnished Hindu society.

Kamal Haasan has been opposed to the inclusion of Hindi language in the general practice order. After this he also made the following statement, in India, such a text (Mahabharata) is read / worshiped in which a king puts his wife on the daava. To stop the animal torture, the Tamil traditional ceremony, Jallikattu, was banned, so he said, if so, Biryani should also be banned. The ideology of Kamal Haasan has remained the same, but for his acting skills, the film world will continue to name this actor with great respect in the present and in the future.

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MovieFlix- Movies & Web Series watch your favorite Online in HD




Hello, friends welcome to Raghnews. Today we are going to tell you what are Movieflix. If you also want to watch a movie or web series using Movieflix but you are not aware of it, then you are reading the right post. Because with this, we will tell you today how to use Moviesflix.


How to download Movieflix. Today you will know through this post. And we will explain to you in very simple language. Hope you like all our posts. And similarly, you continued to like all the posts on our Raghnews website.

Most people use their mobile and computer to watch movies, web series. We can also download and keep movies in our mobiles and computers. And later whenever there is free time, we can watch the downloaded movie offline. There are many such apps on the Internet, with the help of which you can watch movies and web series.

Table of Contents
1. What is Movieflix
2. How to download Movieflix
3. How to use Movieflix
4. Conclusion

Many times it happens that we like to watch movies or web series in our free time but at that time you do not have internet, then you can download and keep the movie, web series in your device beforehand. Sometimes you go out where there is a network problem, then you can easily watch the previously downloaded movie or web series.

So let’s know what is Movieflix. If you also want to watch movies by Movieflix, then this post What is Movieflix? Must read from beginning to end. Only then you will get complete information about it and you will be able to watch the movie.

What is Movieflix

Movieflix started 28 years ago when it was a subscription-based DVD service. Who used to do DVD mail directly at home. In 2005 Movieflix launched its streaming service. Movieflix is a streaming service on which you can watch TV shows, movies. It is the world’s largest On-Demand Video Streaming Service.


Whenever you want to watch movies of your choice, television shows or other videos as per your convenience, you can watch. This can change the way you watch movies and videos on TVs, laptops, and smartphones.

Many people are fond of watching online videos on the Internet. But this costs more data. But now there is no need to worry about it.

How to download Movieflix

If you want to use it, then you have to download it on your mobile. After that you can use it:

  • Download App – First download Movieflix in your mobile.
  • Install App – Now download and install the app.
  • Open App – Install and open the app. After this, you can use it.

How to use Movieflix

To use Movieflix, you have to create an account on it. Then you can use it. So let’s learn to create an account on Movieflix:

Go To Website

First of all, you have to go to its website Movieflix.Com.

Join Free For A Month

Now you have to click on Join Free For A Month.


Create Your Account

Now you will be asked to create an account. Then click on Continue and you have to create your account.

  • Enter Email Address – Enter your Email Address.
  • Password – Now enter the password for your account.
  • Tap On Continue – and now click on Continue.

Will You Watch On Any Other Devices

After this, you will be asked that in which device you want to see it, then select it and click on Continue.

Who Will Be Watching MovieFlix

After selecting the device, you have to enter the name or give a Detail of who will see it. And click on Continue. Just now your account has been created, after that, you can watch a movie using it.

How to run movie flix

You learned how to create an account on movie fix. Now we will know further how you can watch and download movies using it:

Amazon Prime video

Open Your App
First of all, open movie flix on your mobile.

Now your movie fix will open here, you will see many things in Home, Shows, Movie, Episode and near that you will get the option of download, by clicking on it you can also download it.

Now you will get the option of Search near it. You can do anything you like by clicking Search, or Show Search.

Coming soon
By clicking on it, you can see which movie or show is going to be released.

In this, all your videos that you have downloaded are saved, so you can see all those videos by clicking on Downloads.

In this, you get more options in which you can set up your account.


Through today’s post, you have learned what movie flix is and also how to download movie flix. We hope that the information given by us will be useful for you.

To know how to use Movieflix, please take help of this post of ours. How to run movie flix You must have come to know through today’s post. And how did you like this information, tell us by commenting.

You should also give information about this post to your friends. And share this post what is Movieflix on social media too. So that this information can reach more people. If you have any problem in our post How To Use Movieflix or you have any question related to this post, then you can ask us by commenting. Our team will definitely help you.

If you want to get the latest update of our website, then you will have to subscribe to our website of Raghnews. See you again by taking such necessary information, bye-bye friends, thank you for reading our post, have a nice day.

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Movieretina – [Full] Movie and Web Series Download




Movieretina – Do you also like to watch Latest Web series and Bollywood, Tamil Movies. So, you are also eager to download the latest movies. But you do not know where to download new webs series and Bollywood, Tamil movies or go to the right website to download Latest South Indian Hindi dubb movies, then keep reading this post especially this post is only for you. In which we are going to tell you about the website Movieretina to download the latest Tamil, Bollywood, Hollywood, web series and Telugu movies. So friends, as you also know that in today’s time South Indian dubb movies are more preferred than Hindi films.


Table of Content
  1. Information About Movieretina
  2. Movieretina Give Movies Quality
  3. Why are Movieretina famous websites
  4. Movieretina Estimate Earning and Worth
  5. Should we download a movie from Movieretina
  6. Conclusion

Information about Movieretina

If you know the name, do not run away from the post because there is still more information about it. Which you are going to pursue, so this post is about a movie content downloading website that is kept till the last. Movieretina is a pirated movie download service provider of the latest web series, Bollywood and Telugu films old and new. You can easily download any new Hollywood, Tamil and other South Indian movies from this movie download website. But it also has problems because you may not know how the latest movies are downloaded online. The Indian government does not allow the site to load pirated versions of such films. Because it is illegal to steal someone’s material. Because the people who make movies suffer huge losses due to which the government is banning such sites. Along with Telugu films, you can find many movies on the website.

But it also has problems because you may not know how the latest movies are downloaded online. The Indian government does not allow the site to load pirated versions of such films. Because it is illegal to steal someone’s material. Because the people who make movies suffer huge losses due to which the government is banning such sites. Along with Telugu films, you can find many movies on the website.

Movieretina Give Movies Quality

This website gives you movie-quality 480p, 720p, 1080p and Mkv videos and has files ranging from 300mb to file sizes up to 1Gb, with good videos that can be viewed on both mobile and computer. Due to this website has earned its name in the world of the Internet in a short time.

Why are Movieretina famous websites?

Dual audio from Tamil, Telugu and Hollywood films are found in Hindi, so these websites are popular among pirated websites.

Click Here Movie Download

Now even TV shows and latest web series are uploaded. These websites are popular for these reasons.

Movieretina Estimate Earning and Worth

We estimate that Movieretina website currently costs $ 100 and reaches around 500 to 1000 unique users every day with daily revenue of 2 to 5 dollars (from ads, ie third-party ads network, revenue hit, Pop, etc) with about 1000 to 2000 daily pageviews.

Monthly Estimation
1.Monthly unique visitors = 3100
2.Revenue = 1 to 5 dollar
3.Unique Pageviews = 500 to 1000

Should we download a movie from Movieretina?

Let me tell you that downloading a movie from the pirated website is a crime under Indian law and the government is also taking strict action against it.

A special police team has been formed to apprehend such people, there is a provision of punishment for those who make such websites or upload movies on them.

There is also a provision for arrest and jail term for those who download movies for free using the website.

In addition to all this, third-party network advertisements are used on the website, so that when a user visits these websites and visits a link, their device gets viruses in the system.

Online Movie Watchs Click Here

Now if you want that there is no virus in your system, then you do not need to tell how dangerous it can be to download a movie.


In this article, how to download movie from go about. Hopefully, you will now know about it.

But as I mentioned above, downloading movies from these piracy websites is illegal and we do not support it. You should not download movies from them.

Follow the legal way to download movies.

Warning: We do not endorse any of this information just to tell you what the work of these websites is and how it works.

We do not support piracy nor do we want to promote it. This information is shared only for general awareness and education.

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